high gloss cupboard boards

High Gloss Kitchen Cupboard Board Prices

We are one of the leading importers of high-gloss acrylic board. We offer the full range of Niemann Boards that cover all medium gloss kitchen units & high gloss kitchen cupboards.

They wooden boards are available in a range of polygloss, polymatt & acrylux finish. Recently, Niemann have launched a textile & textured range which are now available in South Africa.

The boards are constructed with a bonding of a 75 micron clear film of Polyester onto the surface of a double faced melamine board with MDF substrate. The end result is a thickness of 19mm. The Polyester film is clear – this means the colour of the finished board is the same colour as the melamine board of your choice. The colour range includes a wide variety of plain colours as well as wood-grains. Selecting the the right colour for your home home or kitchen renovation is up to you, however, we offer consultations, advice, and design services with all of our kitchen renovations.

One of the main benefits to using Acrylic is it’s scratch-resistant nature. Once the protective film is removed, all surfaces are polished with an acrylic enriched polish which is commonly used on off-road rally cars. Once the installation is complete, maintenance is simple and straightforward. Any dirt marks can be removed with a damp cloth, just as you would clean other cupboards and counters.

Price Of High Gloss Cupboards

The price of high gloss cupboards varies, depending on the desired finish. The cost does not change based on the purpose of the doors. This means that if you are looking for high gloss doors for your kitchen or high gloss doors for your bathroom, the price will stay the same.

The cheapest high gloss board is the colour white which is available for approximately R550. Prices for high gloss boards depend on the type of finish. You can expect to pay anywhere from R550 up to R2500 for high gloss kitchen cupboard boards.

If you are thinking about starting a kitchen renovation, the first factor to consider is the cost of a kitchen renovation. There are a few ways in which you can speed up the process and cut costs. Buying new boards and having them cut to your exact spec is often faster than respraying your existing boards. In many instances, the cost of buying new boards will be similar to the cost to respray your kitchen. The difference is that you will be getting 100% brand new cupboards, faster, at a small additional cost.

Senso SA Boards

Seno SA boasts an extensive range of finishes to choose from. Popular options on offer are the Senosan, Veneer Line & Eccoline range.


The Senosan range is presented as a standard plain colour acrylic range. The acrylic is pressed onto 16mm MDF board which has a white melamine backer. The Senosan colour range is available in 32mm and double face board. The beauty of this product is its resistance to discolouration. It is more durable than ordinary veneer boards.


The veneer product is imported in a white melamine board with the laminate and & pressed onto 16mm MDF Board.


Eccoline is a traditional woodgrain acrylic finish which is available in a highly sought-after matte range. It is available in both 16mm & 32mm depending on your preference.


Below is a range of high gloss options from PG Bison that we offer to our customers.


We offer the below range of high gloss options from Seno SA.