cost to renovate a kitchen in south africa

True Cost To Renovate a Kitchen in South Africa

The cost of renovating a kitchen in South Africa varies widely depending on a number of factors.

Every company you reach out to for a quote will come up with a different cost structure. The costs depend on factors like the size of the job, the areas that need to be renovated, the materials you would like to use in your kitchen, and the type of finish you’re looking for.

We do our best to offer a cost-effective solution for all homeowners. With the advancement of various technology like door wraps, and low cust built-in cupboards, we have had to compete on many fronts – price being one of them. We are able to offer some of the best kitchen renovation prices you will find in South Africa – WITHOUT sacrificing on quality. Reach out to us to find out more about our kitchen renovation solutions tailored for your home and budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Renovate a Kitchen in South Africa

A small kitchen renovation in South Africa will cost between R15,000 to R85,000. The average cost for a medium-sized kitchen is R85,000 to R150,000 while a large kitchen renovation would likely cost more than 150,000 Rand.

The cost to renovate a kitchen in South Africa varies considerably based on the types of materials, finishes, and fittings used in the kitchen. Using materials like melamine for cupboards and countertops is more cost-effective than respraying cupboards in a custom-colored high gloss or matte finish and granite counters. It’s important to check the price of the materials you want to use. There may be better alternatives. For example, the price of high gloss kitchen cupboard boards is not always much more than respraying your existing cupboards.

The average cost of a medium to large kitchen renovation in South Africa is R150,000 – R250,000. This is how the cost breakdown could look:

Cabinetry and cupboardsR75,00030%
Gas pointR5,0002%
Estimated Kitchen Renovation Costs In South Africa

The above table serves as a rough guide to calculating the cost of your kitchen renovation. As a general rule of thumb, compare the cost of your renovation to the value of your property.

  • A smaller kitchen renovation with basic changes like replacing cupboards and countertops with flatpack melamine and laminate countertops should cost approximately 10% of your home’s total value.
  • A medium-sized renovation with more premium finishes like custom kitchen cupboards and quartz countertops will set you back roughly15% of the total value of your property.
  • A top-tier premium renovation, including custom cabinetry, granite tops, and luxury fittings and finishes, should cost about 20% of the value of your property. 

If you calculate that your kitchen renovation will cost more than 20% of the value of your home, you may be spending too much and it’s a good idea to get a second opinion. That being said, if you intend to continue living in the house or the renovation is to improve your quality of life, there is no rule on how much you should spend. That’s on you.

How To Calculate How Much It Will Cost To Renovate Your Kitchen

While calculating the cost to respray kitchen cupboards is a fairly simple task – the same cannot be said for a complete kitchen renovation. Fortunately for you, we offer free kitchen renovation consultations to all home owners who are serious about transforming the most important room in the house.

Factors To Consider When Renovating Your Kitchen

kitchen renovation materials and costs in south africa

There are many factors to consider before going ahead with your kitchen renovation. From our experience working with South African homeowners, we’ve noticed a common trend. Most homeowners prefer to renovate their kitchen in multiple stages. This is often for reasons like availability of cash or financing, taking breaks during remodels to rest and recover, or to avoid long periods of disturbance happening in the home. When working in stages it’s important to think about the type of kitchen renovation you’d like to get started with first. This is where our experience and guidance will help with your planning.

Types of Kitchen Renovations

  • A few areas to consider before getting started with a kitchen contractor:
  • Designing a new layout or improving the existing one
  • Demolish the existing kitchen and remove rubble before new installations
  • Manufacture and install new cabinets or respray kitchen cupboards
  • Replace kitchen cabinet door handles or buy new ones
  • Lay new splashback tiles or replace old ones
  • Installing new countertops and selecting the right material
  • Coordinate any related plumbing, electrical, and tiling work
  • Repair or replace kitchen floor tiles
  • Installing new appliances like stoves, ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, extractor fans
  • It should go without saying that larger kitchens will take more time and require more labor and materials than a smaller one.

Kitchen Renovation Tips For South Africans

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Renovating or remodeling your kitchen is no small task, however, you can save a lot of time and money on small items. Costs add up quickly. It’s important to know where you can cut costs and where you should invest a little extra. Here are some tips to consider

Costs add up. It’s often the small finishings and fittings that can ramp up your costs. Do you really need soft-close hinges, drawer runners, solid wood cabinet carcasses, interior lighting, and extra storage space?

  • Avoid major layout changes where possible. Moving electrical and plumbing points takes time and money.
  • Unexpected costs always happen. Keep them in the back of your mind and have a buffer in your budget.
  • Know your budget and stick to it. Plan for each aspect of your renovation from the cabinets, new hardware, tiling, countertops, and the rest. This will help you know where you’re spending too much and where you have a little extra room to splurge.
  • Choose your materials wisely. This is one of the best ways to save money on your kitchen renovation. There are tons of affordable finishes and fittings that will give you the same premium look without the premium price tag.
  • Choose quality over quantity. IF it’s within your budget, choosing high-quality materials will save you in the long run and require less maintenance. It’s important to know which areas of your renovation are worth spending a little extra. We will guide you through this.
  • Consider your appliances. High-end appliances can be expensive. There are tons of affordable appliances that look great and get the job done just as well as the more expensive options.
  • Plan for storage. An important aspect to remember is that you’ll need to store all your appliances, pots, pans, groceries, utensils, and everything else while your kitchen renovation is underway.
  • Consider low-cost updates. If you don’t have the budget for a full kitchen remodel, you can still make drastic improvements to your kitchen with some smaller renovations like respraying your kitchen cupboards, adding new hardware, or improving the lighting.