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Affordable Roof Painting Contractors in Johannesburg

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If your home or office is looking a little tired on the outside, it’s probably time to give it a brand new fresh coat of paint. You’ll be surprised how big of a difference this can make to a home.

Phoenix Painters are a professional team of roof painting contractors in Johannesburg. We are equipped to tackle any roof of any size and material. Some common types include metal roof painting like galvanized roof sheet painting and traditional tiled roof painting.

Commercial & Industrial Roof Painters

Commercial roof painting in Johannesburg typically involves large shopping centers, motor showrooms, exhibition halls, function venues, schools, hospitals, and other commercial buildings.  Due to the nature of this work, it’s necessary for our commercial roof painting contractors to be fully compliant with Health and Safety standards.

As best-in-class industrial roof painting contractors, we have a focus on large-scale industrial buildings like factories and warehouses. We understand that there is no shortcut to completing the perfect job. Rest assured that our experts have your best interests at heart.

Residential Roof Painters

With the harsh South African sun and frigid winters, residential roofs must withstand the elements all year round. With this in mind, we use the best quality products to ensure a long-lasting finish is applied to your roof.

Our typical residential roof painting jobs are done in the leafy green suburbs of Johannesburg. We also tackle larger residential projects in complexes and office parks.

Roof painting in JHB

Painting your roof is not always as straightforward as quickly applying a few coats of paint. We believe in providing the best quality roof painting services for your roof. Key steps in the process include inspection, preparation, product selection, application, post-inspection.

It’s important to inspect your roof for any cracked or damaged tiles that may need to be replaced. We can also repair any kind of damaged mortar.

Check your roof for any broken or cracked tiles and replace them. To repair any damaged mortar around the ridge capping, remove the capping and apply new mortar and put the capping back in place. Make sure the mortar is dry before you paint.

Tiled Roof Painting

During the preparation stage, we use a high-pressure washer to remove all the dust, dirt, loose paint, and grime that may have accumulated on your roof over the years. Once everything is nice and clean, we make use of our state-of-the-art airless spray guns to apply a perfect new coat of paint to the roof.

Using an airless spray gun is the best and most affordable way to paint your tiled roof, although you can use a brush on certain areas.

We typically use water-based paint on tiled roofs. Some roofs will need to be treated with a thick coating of sealer prior to spray painting.

Galvanized Sheet Roof Painting

It’s common for new untreated galvanized roof sheets to reject paint coatings. This is because these sheets are often treated with a type of grease that causes the paint to rub off. In this case, it’s best to degrease the sheets or let them naturally degrease by taking on the weather for about 6 months.

When painting a metal roof, it’s important to use paint specifically formulated for metal roofs. Metal paint will adhere and bond to the metal sheets much better than water-based paint intended for a tiled roof.

To paint a corrugated roof it first needs to be washed with a high-pressure water sprayer. Once it’s dry it must be treated with a degreaser. If it’s not treated the paint will not stick and will vanish in a few short months. If you need to paint replacement sheets, they will require a coat of primer, which must be 100% dry before painting.

Similarly to tiled roofs, the best, fastest, and most affordable way to spray paint a metal roof is with an airless spray gun. Brushes and rollers can also be used to paint the corners and ridge caps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Just like many things in life, there is no one answer fits all for this question. The cost to paint a roof in South Africa depends on a number of factors like preparation requirements, type of paint, size of the roof, roof material, and the number of coats needed. As an estimate, residential homeowners can expect to pay between R60 and R100 per square meter. This cost includes the inspection, preparation, washing, and two coats of paint. Larger industrial and commercial roofs would cost between R40 and R70 per square meter.

Painting your roof tiles can help save costs in other areas. Painting roof tiles helps to reduce heat lost through the roof during winter. It will also protect your roof against the elements and prevent moss from growing on the roof. The color of your roof can impact how much heat is absorbed into your home. Darker colors attract heat.

Roof paint can last anywhere between 5 to 10 years depending on the type of roof, the paint used, and the quality of the paint job. A top-quality silicone roof coating could last for longer than 15 years when properly maintained.

Each project is different which makes it challenging to give an exact time. Typical projects take between 2 to 3 days. This also depends on the current condition of the roof as well as the weather.

When it comes to maintaining your newly painted roof, you should apply a fresh layer of specialty product every 2-4 years or every 5-10 years for elastomeric systems.

Roof paint should not peel if done correctly. Paint formula and techniques have evolved over the years to the point where it should not peel unless the roof was not properly cleaned and prepared prior to the paint application.

Service Areas

Roof Painters Johannesburg

Our most popular roof painting locations in JHB:

  • Randburg
  • Sandton
  • Fourways
  • Bryanston
  • Northcliff
  • Fairlands
  • Bedfordview
  • Parktown
  • Rosebank
  • Greenside

Roof Painters Cape Town

Our most popular roof painting locations in CPT:

  • Camps Bay
  • Bantry Bay
  • Clifton
  • Sea Point
  • Green Point
  • Claremont
  • Gardens
  • Woodstock
  • Milnerton
  • Blouberg

Roof Painters Durban

Our most popular roof painting locations in KZN:

  • Umdloti
  • Umhlanga
  • Durban North
  • Newlands
  • Amanzimtoti
  • Westville
  • Pinetown
  • Berea
  • La Lucia
  • Hillcrest

Johannesburg Roof Painting Services

While our focus for roof painting services is Johannesburg, Gauteng – although, we do occasionally take on projects all over South Africa. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our roof painting services offered across South Africa.

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