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Installing a wooden deck can be a beautiful addition to your home. Both Aesthetically pleasing and a great value add to your property – if properly maintained. Decking provides an awesome way to extend your living area into an outdoor space. Thanks to the beautiful South African weather, an outdoor deck can be enjoyed all year round.

Decking Contractors In Johannesburg

Here at Phoenix Painters, we install and repair decking of all sorts and sizes. From large raised wooden decks or small cozy relaxing areas. Our hardwood decking timber is the best solution to creating a functional and practical environment.  


Our decking service is one of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to change the look of your outdoor space. We specialize in wooden decking, composite decking, patio decking pool decking, sundecks and more.

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Pool Decking

Traditional pool paving like bricks, cement, and other paving tiles have become old and outdated. Pool decking brings a whole new exotic look to your swimming pool and makes your home feel much more natural than a concrete jungle. Pool decking can be installed in either a traditional wooden decking option or a composite decking. Both options are incredibly durable and will keep up a spectacular appearance for years to come. Create the ultimate outdoor chill area with a set of nice garden furniture and a wooden pergola or lapa.

Jacuzzi Decks

A jacuzzi deck is a beautiful way to conceal your hot tub in a natural-looking way. With our skilled tradesmen, we can design and build beautiful Jacuzzi decks to fit any home.Custom wooden Jacuzzi build outs are the name of the game. These beautiful looking designs create the ultimate centerpiece for your entertainment area.​

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Sun Decks

A sundeck could be the perfect addition to your home or garden. Sundeck created areas of tranquility, ideally placed in your special space outside. Transform your space into a therapeutic area for reading, yoga, meditation, socializing, exercising, or whatever else your mind can come up with.​

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Wooden Patio Extensions

Most homes often have a vast area of unused space - right off the main living areas. Installing a patio is a sure way to extend your home and make more use of the space you already have.​

Pergola Installation and repairs johannesburg

Pergola Design & Builds

Pergolas are great for creating a focal point in an outdoor space like your garden. With solid wooden posts covered with a shaded mask, a pergola is a fantastic way to create the ultimate chill zone outside.​

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Wooden Handrails

Wooden handrails are a good complement to other wooden additions. They can be used to prevent people from walking off your raised deck or to guide people into your wood-encompassed jacuzzi.Wooden handrails are a good complement to other wooden additions. They can be used to prevent people from walking off your raised deck or to guide people into your wood-encompassed jacuzzi.


Wooden Deck Painting in Johannesburg

As wooden deck contractors, one of our favorite tasks is painting old faded decks. There is something therapeutic about the transformation process of deck painting. Make no mistake – the process is not quite as simple as it seems. The prep work, the priming, the sanding, the materials, choosing and choosing the right paint all have a bit of science behind them.

Our decking contractors are well equipped to handle all your deck painting needs. We use a variety of methods from hand painting, roller painting, and spray painting to repsray your deck with high-quality materials that leave a long-lasting finish.

Deck Maintenance Johannesburg

Over time, wooden decks will begin to fade in color and weaken in strength. This is all due to the harsh nature of the weather. As the wood expands during hot days and cools during cold nights, it begins to weaken and will eventually need to be maintained and repaired.

Maintaining your deck comes down to three essential steps.

Following these three steps will save you loads of money in the long run. Maintaining your deck from day one is the best way to avoid repairs in the future.

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Wooden Deck Repairs Johannesburg

Some of the most common problems that we can fix when it comes to decks, porches, and patios include:

In instances where a deck, patio, or porch is too damaged and beyond repair, we can construct a new one for you. A deck is considered beyond repair if it requires major structural maintenance. Our clients wooden deck repairs in the Johannesburg area continue to provide homeowners with a great solution to all your wood decking problems.

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